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The new construction of reinforced concrete structures requires specialized knowledge - the maintenance and repair of concrete structures even more than that in most cases: specialized technical knowledge with respect to construction materials, accumulated experience of materials of all construction phases over many years and cutting edge requirements for fire protection and structural physics. The experience and know-how of the execution of construction works are continuously being supplemented by new standards and changing general legal conditions.

The planning of preventive and repair measures is a highly complex challenge which requires specialists with experience and an "eye for the whole picture".

We would be delighted to accompany you on the way to a repaired structure. When you choose us you have ONE consulting partner who prepares decisions and provides support through recommendations. We accompany you through all work stages - from the assessment of damage through to acceptance of the fully repaired structure. In our capacity as consulting engineers we undertake the planning and monitoring of your complete repair project neutrally and independent of any manufacturer

Your satisfaction is our motivation.


Survey of structure

We assess existing damage to your property substantiated by laboratory examination The resultant findings with respect to longevity and structural stability provide you with clear information as to whether there is a short-term or only a long-term need for action.

For this reason the survey of the structure forms the essential basis for the comprehensive and economic planning of repairs.


Planning of repairs

Planning of repairs to concrete is of particular importance since to a great extent it is decisive for the technical and economic success of protective and reparative measures and the prevention of serious defects.

The most important regulations for repairing concrete are ZTV-ING (German national regulations) – for the infrastructure sector – and the repair regulations (DAfStb), which are more commonly applied to the private sector.

These mandatory construction standards represent a challenge for the "competent planner" who has demonstrated his/her specialist knowledge by passing an examination.

As certified professional planners and accredited experts for concrete damage and concrete repairs we provide you with such expertise.